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Description: Mujibnagar, formerly known as Baidyanathtala is a town in the Meherpur District of Bangladesh. Mujibnagar since 17 April 1971, on this day the first provisional government of Bangladesh took oath here. The Mujibnagar government is recognized as the first official Government of Bangladesh. Now, Mujibnagar is a Historical place of Bangladesh. Because, Mujibnagar was Capital of Bangladesh. We have a large information about Bangladesh History or History of Bangladesh, Mujibnagar, Meherpur, Mujibnagar Complex, Mujibnagar Picnic Spot, Bangladesh Government History, Mujibnagar Government, Mujibnagar sarkar, Liberation war in 1971, Memorial Monument Mujibnagar, All Bangladesh District Information, Famous Bengali Personality. Keywords: news from Bangladesh, Bangladesh tourism, mugibnagar, mujib nagar, mujibnagar meherpur. Details of Mujibnagar Complex: Educational Institution and Memorial Monument for Remember Bangladesh Government in Mujibnagar Meherpur. History and Famous Personality, Philosophers, Poets, Professor, Student, Politician.